365. Lekker belangrijk

As if I (we) care / Who cares [Dutch phrase of the week]

The use of "lekker" in the Dutch language is ubiquitous and
difficult to master at first. That’s why we still haven’t covered it
explicitly as a DWOTD 🙂

"Lekker belangrijk" literally translates to "nicely/tastily
important" which of course does not make sense. "Lekker" – used as an
adverb – can have the meaning of "quite" or "really". For example
"lekker druk" translates to "quite busy" (in a pleasant way).

However, "lekker belangrijk" is always used ironically and, in
addition to the translations given above, can be translated to phrases
such as "Really important…NOT!", "Whatever!" or "I can’t be
bothered". It is also used to immediately express your disinterest in
whatever somebody is talking about. For example in the daily radio show
"Evers staat op" with DJ
Edwin Evers on Dutch Radio538, the "lekker belangrijk" tune is played
when either he or one of the sidekicks is talking nonsense or goes on
too long on the same topic.

– "Vanavond is Dancing With The Stars op tv." – "O ja? Lekker belangrijk zeg…"
("Dancing With The Stars is on TV tonight." – "Oh really? As if I care…")

– "Premier Balkenende spreekt vandaag het volk toe, lekker belangrijk…"
("Prime minister Balkenende addresses the people today, as if we care…")

Related words:
– "Boeien": to captivate, to fascinate, to
be bothered/interested. "Boeien!" or "boeiend!" can be used in the same
way as "lekker belangrijk" and you will also here "wat boeit het" or
"wat boeit mij dat/het".

– "Dit weekend speelt PSV tegen Feyenoord." – "Boeien! Ik hou niet van voetbal."
("This weekend, PSV plays against Feyenoord." – "Can’t be bothered! I don’t like football/soccer.")

One of the characters in The Catherina Tate Show –
Lauren – has become known for her frequent use of her catch phrase "Am
I bothered?!", which can sometimes be translated with "lekker
belangrijk!" or "boeien!". Watch this funny video of a sketch with Lauren talking to her friends about Beyonce 🙂

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  1. Dutch Ppunk band, de Heideroosjes, have a song called ‘Lekker Belangrijk’ – I always wondered what it meant!! Very catchy song even if I have no idea what it means!!!

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