swept off one’s feet, smitten with, enamored of [adjective]   

"Hoteldebotel" has nothing to do with a hotel 🙂 It is used to describe your thoughts being confused,
mostly by the fact that you’re in love…
Sometimes it is used to refer to a more general discombobulated state, see the last example.Hoteldebotel

– "Luc is helemaal hoteldebotel…" – "Echt?? Van wie?" – "Van Mélanie!"
("Luc is completely swept of his feet…" – "Really?? By whom?" – "By Mélanie!")

– "Scheetje, wat ben je toch een lekker ding! Ik ben helemaal hoteldebotel van je…"
("Baby, you’re such a hottie! You’ve totally swept me of my feet…"

– "Kent is hoteldebotel van Lara. En zij is hoteldebotel van hem!"
("Kent is smitten with Lara. And she’s enamored of him!")

– "Al die auto’s in Lima…ik werd er helemaal hoteldebotel van…"
("All those cars in Lima…they drove me totally crazy…")

– "Hij/zij is helemaal in de wolken."
("His/her head is the clouds.")

Related words:
– "Tureluurs": totally confused/disoriented, crazy.
– "Verliefd": in love.

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  1. This is better than the inburgerings course I successfully completed last year! You cover real words that Dutchies use met uitspraak and give such a broad range of examples of how Dutchies use the word in full sentences. Thanks!

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