deceptive, tricky [adjective] Iconspeaker_3

“Verneukeratief” is truly a brilliant Dutch word and very much suited for the informal Friday 🙂 You may think it is a vulgar word, because it contains “neuk”, from “neuken”, which translates to “to f*ck”… “Verneukeratief” is not vulgar though, although its use is quite informal.

But be careful!…The related verb “verneuken” is pretty vulgar, since it translates to “to f*ck up”…

– “Dit contract is erg verneukeratief. Lees de kleine lettertjes maar…” 
(“This contract is very deceptive. Just read the disclaimer…” Lit.: “Just read the little letters…” see Extra)Verneukeratief

– “Het verneukeratieve van het internet is dat je nooit zeker weet of informatie echt waar is.”
(“The tricky thing about the internet is that you never know for sure whether information is actually true.”)

– “Advertentiefoto’s zijn vaak verneukeratief: het product op de foto is altijd prachtig, maar in het echt valt het tegen.”
(“Advertising pictures are often deceptive: the product in the picture is always beautiful, but the real thing is disappointing.”)

– “Iemand ergens in laten lopen”: to play a trick on somebody.

Related words:
– Bedrieglijk: deceptive [adjective].
– Tricky: tricky [adjective].
– Verneuken: to f*ck up [verb] [verneukte, verneukt].

– “Frank heeft de hele presentatie verneukt.”
(“Frank has f*cked up the entire presentation.”)

– Misleidend: misleading [adjective].
Vals: fake, fraudulent [adjective].

“De kleine lettertjes” (lit.: the little letters) is commonly used as a metaphor for the disclaimer(s) in a contract, which are often printed in a smaller font than then the font of the contract’s actual text. “De kleine lettertjes” are often associated with a sense of fraud….