hairdresser’s (salon), hair salon Iconspeaker_3
[de kap-sa-lon, de kap-sa-lons]Droogkap

"Kapsalon" is composed of "kap" (from "kappen") and "salon". A "kapsalon" is mostly frequented by women. Men would go to a "kapper" (hairdresser, barber (shop) ).

A "kapsalon" is also the name of a snack/dish, which is on the menu of most shoarma snackbars in the region of Rotterdam, see Extra

– "Waar is Maria?" – "Ze heeft een afspraak bij de kapsalon." 
("Where is Maria?" – "She has an appointment at the hairdresser’s.)

– "Kapsalon Elle…wassen, knippen & föhnen voor slechts 15 euro." 
("Elle Hair Salon…wash, cut & blow-dry for only 15 euros.")

Related words:
Kappen: to cut (a tree) / to do someone’s hair [verb] [kappen, kapte, gekapt].
– Wassen: to wash [verb] [wassen, waste, gewast].

– "Eerst je handen wassen voor het eten!"
("First wash your hands before dinner.")

– Knippen: to cut (with a pair of scissors) [verb] [knippen, knipte, geknipt].
– Föhnen: to blow-dry [verb] [föhnen, föhnde, geföhnd].
– Nagelsalon: nail salon [noun] [de nagelsalon, de nagelsalons].

A "kapsalon" is also the name of  a snack/dish, which is on the menu of most shoarma snackbars in Rotterdam, and which is gaining popularity in the Randstad, and all over the Netherlands. It’s an aluminium dish filled with layers of: fries, kebab, salad, (lots of) garlick sauce, and with cheese on top. The whole is put briefly in the oven until the cheese has melted.

The name apparently originates from some local hair salon which always ordered this dish with these specific ingredients…