honouring, ceremony, homage Iconspeaker_3
[de hul-di-ging, de hul-di-gin-gen]

Although literally "huldiging" is an ‘honouring’, it is typically used for formal ceremonies where people get some kind of award or receive a title. The verb is "huldigen": to honour, to pay tribute to.

Read more about the traditional "huldiging" of Dutch Olympic medal winners at the Holland Heineken House in the ‘Extra’  below.

– "Heb je gisteren de huldiging gezien van Annette Gerritsen en Laurine van Riessen?" – "Nee, ik heb het gemist, jammer maar helaas!" 
("Did you see the ceremony with Annette Gerritsen and Laurine van Riessen yesterday?" – "No, I missed it, that’s just too bad…" Annette and Laurine won silver and bronze medals for the 1000 meter women speed skating. )

– "Bekijk de beelden van de huldiging van Sven Kramer in het Holland Heineken House." 
("Watch the footage of the homage to Sven Kramer at the Holland Heineken House." Read more in the ‘Extra’ below.)

– "Winaars krijgen een huldiging, maar verliezaars krijgen doorgaans niks…" 
("Winners are honoured, but losers usually get nothing…")

Related words:
– Huldigen: to honour, to pay tribute to [verb] [huldigen, gehuldigd].
– Onderscheiden: to award with (a medal) [verb] [onderscheidde, onderscheiden].
– Uitreiken: to present a medal (or a prize) [verb] [reikte uit, uitgereikt].

– "De prijs werd uitgereikt door een lokale beroemdheid."
("The prize was presented by a local celebrity.")

– Uitreiking: presentation (of medals or a prize) [noun] [de uitreiking, de uitreikingen].

During the Olympic games there is a "huldiging" every day for medal
winners, but for Dutch medal winners there is the traditional additional "huldiging"
in the Holland Heineken House (HHH),
where Dutch fans celebrate the medals won. Of course there is a lot of
Heineken beer, oranjegekte ("orange madness"), performances by Dutch
singers and other BN’ers.

The first HHH-huldiging was for Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer. He won the gold
medal for the 5km men speed skating. This link shows a video made back
stage of Sven’s "huldiging" at the Holland Heineken House. It shows
‘oranjegekte’, a few BN’ers and an athlete who seems to be more nervous
to face the Dutch fans than he was before his race 🙂 . Check out the Holland Heineken House YouTube channel for more videos.