D.w.z. / Dat wil zeggen

i.e., that is (to say) Iconspeaker_3 Datwilzeggen

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"D.w.z." is the abbreviation of "dat wil zeggen", literally: "that wants to say". English equivalent is "i.e." or "that is (to say)". "I.e." (which is of course an abbreviation of the Latin "id est") is also used in Dutch.

Related acronym is "m.a.w.": "met andere woorden", which translates to "in other words".

- "Die uitleg is te vaag, dat wil zeggen, ik snap het gewoon niet…" 
("That explanation is too vague, that is, I just don’t get it…")

- "De lucht klaart op, dat wil zeggen, ik kan de zon af en toe zien." 
("The sky is clearing up, that is, I can see the sun now and then.")

- "Ik vind Raymond bijzonder geschikt, d.w.z. hij laat zijn handen wapperen." 
("I think Raymond is especially suited, i.e. he puts his shoulder to the wheel.")

"M.a.w. / met andere woorden": in other words.

- "Ik ben te laat opgestaan, met andere woorden: ik heb me verslapen."
("I got up too late, in other words: I overslept.")

Related words:
- Zeggen: to say [verb] [zeggen, zei, h. gezegd].

- "Wat ik nu ga zeggen, zul je misschien vervelend vinden."
("What I’m going to say now, you may find annoying.")

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