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[de ta-fel, de ta-fels] 

A "tafel" is a table, simple as that! Don't confuse "tafel" with "tabel", which also translates to "table", e.g. a table in Excel.

You may often see the idiom "aan tafel", which generally translates to "at the table", but which may also be a command to come sit down at the table to have dinner.

– "Aan tafel, iedereen! Het eten is klaar!" 
("Everybody sit down at the table! Dinner's ready!")

– "Alle ingredienten van het nieuwe recept liggen op de keukentafel." 
("All ingredients of the new recipe are on the kitchen table.")

– "Mam, mag ik van tafel opstaan?" 
("Mum, can I get up from the table?")


"Ter tafel brengen": to lay on the table, to put forward.
– "Iemand onder de tafel drinken": to drink someone under the table.

– "Heb je een kater?" – "Ja, ik ben gisteren compleet onder de tafel gedronken door Lisa…" -"Watje…"
("Do you have a hangover?" – "Yes, Lisa completely drank me under the table yesterday…" – "Wimp…" Lit.: "I was completely drunk under the table by Lisa yesterday")

– "W.v.t.t.k. / Wat verder ter tafel komt": a.o.b. / any other business.

Related words:
Bestek: cutlery [noun] [het bestek, <no plural>].
Meubel: piece of furniture [het meubel, de meubelen/meubels].
Stoel: chair [noun] [de stoel, de stoelen].
– Aanrecht: kitchen sink [noun] [het aanrecht, de aanrechten].

– "De afwas staat al op het aanrecht…"
("The dishes are already in the kitchen sink." Note that "aanrecht" refers to the entire worktop, including the sink)

– Tafellaken: table cover/cloth [noun] [het tafellaken, de tafellakens].
– Tafeldame / tafelheer: (his/her) dinner partner (lit.: table lady/lord) [noun] [de tafeldame / de tafelheer, de tafeldames / de tafelheren].
– Tafeltennis: table tennis [noun] [het tafeltennis, <no plural>].

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  1. (“De vertaling van deze zin.”)
    Well, I expect more than that 😉

  2. @Joppes
    Oops, I was a bit in a hurry this afternoon…:-)
    I’ve added the translation. Thnx,

  3. – “Mam, mag ik van tafel opstaan?”
    Actually the English is more likely to be:
    “Mum, can I get down from the table?”
    – but then this is Dutch WOTD.

  4. @ Dominic Cronin
    Maybe where you are, but not in my house. We always “get up” from the table…but only after eating all our greens 🙁

  5. Hoi!
    Hier(in Usa/Oregon )we zeggen>
    “Mom, may I be excused?” to ask permission to leave the table.
    Doei …..

  6. I’m with Marc. We also say, “Can I get down from the table?”

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