basket [noun] [het mandje, de mandjes]

"Mandje" is the diminutive of "mand". In the context of this week’s theme "the supermarket", "mandje" can also be referred to as a "winkelmandje": shopping basket. Its larger relative, the (shopping) trolley or push cart, is called a "winkelwagen(tje)" or "winkelkarretje", which literally translates to "little shopwagon".
– "De mandjes zijn op."
("There are no shopping baskets anymore." Literally: "The shopping baskets are used up.")

– "In deze winkel is het verplicht om een mandje te gebruiken."
("In this store it’s mandatory to use a shopping basket.")

– "Ik gebruik liever een mandje dan een karretje."
("I’d rather use a basket than a cart.")

– "Toen Frank ziek thuis lag, kreeg hij van zijn collega’s een fruitmandje opgestuurd."
("When Frank was ill at home, his colleagues sent him a basket of fruit." Literally: "… was lying ill at home, he was sent a basket of fruit…")

Related words:
– "Supermarkt": supermarket.
– "Winkel": shop, store.
– "Winkelwagen(tje)" / "winkelkarretje": (shopping) trolley / push cart.
– "Fruitmand": basked of fruit. Typical gift for the unfortunate ones that are ill at home or in the hospital.
– "Hondenmand": dog basket.

A few years ago some supermarkets tried to engage in dating services by offering two kinds of "winkelmandjes" in different colour. Judging from the colour of your "winkelmandje", say it was yellow, other "potential singles" knew that you were "available" or "willing to" :-).  A "blue" basket would then indicate the opposite. Unfortunately we have no data on the outcome of this experiment, nor if it is still going on somewhere.