1. clutch [noun] [de kluts, de klutsen] [‘kluts‘]

This translation is very uncommon. In the context of a car’s gearbox, "clutch" is always translated with "koppeling" (lit. coupling). However, there are expressions with "kluts" that are often used, and you should know them.

– "De kluts kwijt raken": to lose one’s bearings.
– "De kluts kwijt zijn": to be in a tizzy / flurry.

– "Frank was totaal de kluts kwijt tijdens de vergadering."
("Frank was in a complete flurry/completely lost during the meeting.")

– "Sinds het uit is, ben ik totaal de kluts kwijtgeraakt."
("Since the break-up, I have totally lost my bearings / I’m a total mess.")

2. scrum, chaos [noun] [de kluts, de klutsen] [‘kluts‘]

– "De spits kon uit de kluts een doelpunt maken."
("The forward was able to score a goal from the scrum.")

– "Wat een enorme klutsbal! Die had ik nog erin geschoten!"
("What a terrible shot! I could have made that!")

3. drop, touch, splash [noun] [de kluts, de klutsen] [‘kluts‘]

This translation of "kluts" is a bit informal and not often used.

– "Wat heb jij in je koffie?" – "Doe maar een flinke kluts melk."
("What do you have in your coffee?" – "A big drop/splash of milk." Lit.: "…just do a big drop of milk.")

Related words:
– "Klutsen": to whip/beat up.

– "Geklutst ei": beaten egg.

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  1. Love getting the e-mail every morning … every single word brings back memories of growing up in Australia and speaking only Dutch and hearing it all around us (all our friends were Dutch) – also really enjoy the examples. Thanks for brightening our mornings!

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