302. Bomvol

chock-full, cram-full, packed, stuffed [adjective] [‘bom-vol’]

"Bomvol" is composed of "bom" and "vol", which translate to "bomb" and "full" respectively. It may be quite obvious that "bomvol" is used to indicate that something is very crowded, packed or filled.

– "Tijdens de Drie Dwaze Dagen is de Bijenkorf van ‘s ochtends vroeg tot ‘s avonds laat bomvol."
("During the "Drie Dwaze Dagen", the Bijenkorf is packed from early morning to late in the evening.")

– "U2 heeft gisteravond opgetreden in een bomvolle Amsterdam Arena."
("Yesterday night, U2 played in a chock-full Amsterdam Arena.")

– "Ik hou helemaal niet van bomvolle kroegen, waar je helemaal niet kunt bewegen."
("I really don’t like packed bars, where you cannot move at all.")

Related words:
– "Bommetjevol": a variation on "bomvol" by using the diminutive of "bom": "bommetje". Translation is the same though: chock-full.
– "Vol": full.
– "Bom": bomb.
– "Druk": busy, crowded.