Het is zo gepiept

It’s easily done/fixed/accomplished, it won’t take long (to complete) [Dutch phrase of the week] Iconspeaker_3

verb "piepen" is translated with "to squeak, peep, shriek, wheeze" or
verbs such as "to whine/moan". However in the phrase "het is zo
gepiept" it takes the meaning of "to complete/do/fix/…", and you will
only encounter it as such in this phrase.

Mind that whatever it is that has to be completed, must be a physical activity.

– "Hoe lang gaat dit duren denk je?" – "O, maak je geen zorgen, het is zo gepiept!"
("How long do you think this wil take?" – "Oh, don’t worry about, it won’t take long!")

– "Kun je me helpen met het verplaatsen van de wasmachine? Ik zweer het je: het is zo gepiept!"

you help me move the washing machine? I
swear: it won’t take long!" Lit. "…with the moving of the washing machine? I swear it to you:…".)

– "Dat gaat ons toch nooit lukken, dan moeten we allemaal gaten gaan boren!" – "Nou en, het is zo gepiept, let maar op!"

("We will never be able to do that, we’d have to drill all these
holes!" – "So what, it’s easily done, just watch me!" Lit. "We will
never succeed in doing that…" – "Now and…, just pay attention!")