self-evident, evidently, naturally [adjective/adverb] Iconspeaker_klein

Just a short DWOTD today, but you can use it to show your sophistication when impressing someone, e.g. your Dutch boss or manager 🙂

The use of "vanzelfsprekend" is quite formal. Less formal are the (more or less) synonomous "natuurlijk" (naturally), "okee" (okay) and "uiteraard" (naturally).

– "Het is vanzelfsprekend dat men oudere mensen met ‘u’ aanspreekt."
("It is self-evident that one addresses elderly people with ‘u’.")

– "Tegenwoordig is veiligheid op straat niet meer vanzelfsprekend, vriend."
("Nowadays, you can’t take safety in the streets for granted anymore, pal.")

– "Pardon, kunt u mijn koffers naar mijn kamer laten brengen?" – "Vanzelfsprekend mijnheer."
("Pardon, can you have my suitcases brought to my room?" – "Naturally, sir.")

– "Frank, ik wil dat rapport vandaag nog op mijn buro!" – "Vanzelfsprekend baas…"
("Frank, I want that report on my desk today!" – "That goes without saying boss…"

Related words:
– "Vanzelfsprekendheid": matter of course [noun] [de vanzelfsprekendheid, de vanzelfsprekendheden].
– "Uiteraard": naturally [adverb].
– "Logisch": logical. [adjective]