deep-fried cod, epicure [noun] [de lekkerbek, de lekkerbekken] Iconspeaker_3

Lekkerbek_2"Lekkerbek" consists of "lekker", which means good (as in "tasty") and "bek", which means "beak" (for a bird) or "mouth". "Bek" is mostly used informally or in a vulgar way, check out the example with the Related words.

"Lekkerbek" is the popular name for codfish wrapped in dough and deep-fried, but is also used for someone who really appreciates food. The Dutch word for codfish is "kabeljauw".

– "In Scheveningen kun je het hele jaar door lekkerbekken eten." 
("You can eat codfish warpped in dough all year long in Scheveningen.")

– "Hij is een echte lekkerbek, hij eet het liefst de hele dag." 
("He is a real epicure, he prefers eating all day long".)

Related words:
– Lekker: good [adjective/adverb].

– "Het eten in dat Thaise restaurant is superlekker." 
("The food in that Thai restaurant is outstanding.")

– Bek: beak [noun] [de bek, de bekken].

– "Ik word helemaal gek van je; houd je bek!" 
driving me nuts; shut up!" Please note this is a rude way of asking
someone to keep quiet. Parents tell their children to shut up in a
slightly more polite way: "houd je mond!", meaning "shut your mouth!")

– Mond: mouth [noun] [de mond, de monden].

Please note that "lekker" can be
used for almost everything: food, drinks, weather, people, how you
feel, etc. Since the use of "lekker" is so diverse, we’ll devote a separate
DWOTD to it. Check the DWOTD "Lekker belangrijk" to get started.

4 thoughts on “Lekkerbek

  1. I very much enjoy the DWOTD and the website and find it very useful. In a spirit of giving something back, I think that ‘batter’ would be a better English translation than ‘dough’ to describe the thing in which the fish is wrapped and then fried.

  2. Hello Sander,
    I think a most people would simply say ‘deep-fried cod’. In the UK deep-fried fish is almost always dipped in batter first. And it would be usual to say ‘cod’ rather than ‘codfish’ which is technically correct but sounds incrediby old-fashioned. The batter would get a mention if it was special in some way – a popular variation on ordinary batter is to use beer and this would rate a mention, for example.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Alen, well then, with this excellent background information, I think it is sufficient to just say “deep-fried cod” 🙂
    Thanks and I will make the change. This shorter translation also looks a lot better 😉

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