Ze kunnen me wat!

they can forget about it, I don’t care what they want/think, to hell with them! Iconspeaker_3
[Dutch phrase of the week]
[ze kun-nen me wat]

Kat slaapt en heeft nergens zin in“Ze kunnen me wat” literally translates as “they can me something” and basically says that they can do/think whatever they want and you don’t care. Depending on the severity, translations vary from “they can forget about it” to “to hell with them!”.

You can also use other personal pronouns, or a specific person. see the Examples.

– “Ze kunnen me wat, het is weekend, dat rapport komt maandag wel af!” 
(“I don’t care about what they want, it’s weekend, that report will have to be completed on Monday!” Note that the word “wel” calls for “will have to be”; without “wel” it would be “will be completed”.)

– “Zij laat niets van zich horen en nu moet ik contact opnemen? Ze kan me wat!” 
(“I hear nothing from her and now I’m the one who has to initiate contact? To hell with her!” Lit. “She does not let anything hear from her”.)

– “Ik ga echt niet opnieuw behangen, de huisbaas kan me wat! Toen ik het appartement kreeg was het behang ook al oud!” 
(“No way I’m going to re-paper the room, the landlord can forget about it! When I got the apartment/flat the wallpaper was old to begin with!”)

– “Hij kan me wat met zijn gezeur over wie de eer toekomt!” 
(“To hell with him with his complaining about who deserves the credits!”)

– “Ze bekijken het maar!”: they can forget about it! Lit. “they can look at it”.
– “Echt niet!”: no way!
– “Ze kunnen de pot op!”: I don’t care what they want; they can forget about it! Lit. “they can go on the potty”.
– “Schijt hebben aan”: to not care about something/someone, to not give a shit about something/someone. This informal expression literally means “to have shit on/at somebody/something”.

– “Ze kunnen me wat, ik heb schijt aan deze regels!”
(“They can forget about it, I don’t give a shit about these rules!”)

7 thoughts on “Ze kunnen me wat!

  1. Hi Chris – well, the cat is supposed to give the message that it doesn’t care about us, so I guess it could be either dead or alive 😉
    (But I’m pretty sure it is alive.)

  2. I reckon you lifted that image from your copy of “Resident Evil”.
    I’m sure I saw that example of the evil dead in the background waiting to pounce on Milla Jovovich!
    Ah, ah, ah, don’t go there…:-)

  3. Hi Leng – no, not necessarily. When you say “het kan me niet schelen” you say that you don’t care in general.
    When you say “ze kan me wat”, you imply that you don’t care/agree about/with what _she_ thinks/wants.

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