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[het net-werk, de net-wer-ken] Netwerk

Inspired by the recent Facebook film, today's word is "netwerk";-) As in English, "netwerk" has all the same meanings, including its related verb "netwerken". 

– "Hackers gelieerd aan Wikileaks legden afgelopen januari tijdelijk het netwerk van Mastercard plat." 
("Last January, hackers connected to Wikileaks temporarily took down the Mastercard.")

– "Heb je 'The social network' al gezien? Echt een topfilm!" 
("Did you already see 'The social network'? It's a real good film!")

– "Het winnen van die Oscar heeft hem een groot netwerk in de filmindustrie opgeleverd." 
("Winning that Oscar resulted in him having a large network in the film industry.")

– "Denk je dat je die baan hebt gekregen via je netwerk?" 
("Do you think that you got that job through your network?")

– "Met Oud op Nieuw is het telefoonnetwerk vaak even overbelast door alle sms'jes en bellers." 
("With New Year, the telephone network is often temporarily overloaded by all texts and callers.")

– "Eén van de kerntaken van lobbyisten is netwerken." 
("One of the core tasks of lobbyists is networking.")

Related words:
– Netwerken: to network [verb] [netwerkte, heeft genetwerkt].

2 thoughts on “Netwerk

  1. First of all, thanks for these daily words. Some non-Dutch people I know really benefit from it. As a native it doesn’t usually benefit me, but every now and then even I pick up a new word or expression. 😉
    Anyway, just wanted to point out a small correction:
    “Last January, hackers connected to Wikileaks temporarily took down the Mastercard.”
    I think you meant “the Mastercard network” or “Mastercard’s network” there. 🙂
    Also, I don’t really see why “Heb je ‘The social network’ al gezien? Echt een topfilm!” would be an example of using the Dutch word ‘netwerk’, since names don’t really translate.
    If you want to include a name example, then a better example there might be: “De film ‘The social network’ kwam gisteren ter sprake in het TV programma ‘Netwerk'”.

  2. Hi Filip, thanks for spotting the omission, I’ve corrected it.
    You are of course right that the example sentence you refer to is not an example of how to use the word ‘netwerk’. Sometimes the DWOTD author takes some liberty to throw in a related example sentence if it is instructive.

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