heating, heater, radiator Iconspeaker_3 Verwarming
[de ver-war-ming, de ver-war-ming-en]

"Verwarming" contains "warm" which translates to "warm". Related verb is "verwarmen", which translates to "to heat" or "to warm".

"Verwarming" can refer to the entire heating system or a (single) radiator unit.

– "Ik lees graag een boek bij de verwarming. Dat is voor mij een heerlijk tijdverdrijf." 
("I like to read a book near a warm radiator. That's wonderful pastime for me.")

– "De verwarming is uitgevallen!" – "Praat me er niet van, ik heb al een monteur gebeld…" 
("The heating is not working!" – "Don't get me started, I've already called a mechanic…")

– "Door de aardbeving doet de vewarming het niet meer, wat een ellende..." 
("Due to the earthquake, the heating is no longer working, such misery…")

– "Er warmpjes bij zitten": to be comfortably/well off, to have a lot of money.

– "Frank is arm, maar zijn ouders zitten er warmpjes bij…"
("Frank is poor, but his parents are well off…")

Related words:
– Airco/airconditioning: airconditioning, airconditioner [noun] [de airco, de airco's].

– "Het wordt warm hierbinnen, mag de airco aan?"
("It's getting hot in here, can I switch on the airconditioning?")

Hartverwarmend: heartwarming [adjective].
– Radiator: radiator [noun] [de radiator, de radiatoren].
Kachel: heater, stove [noun] [de kachel, de kachels].
– Verwarmen: to heat, to warm [verb] [verwarmen, verwarmde, h. verwarmd].
– Warm: warm, hot [adjective].

Most modern Dutch houses have some kind of central heating system, called "centrale verwarming" or "CV(-installatie)". Core of the system is usually a gas-heated  "CV-ketel" (boiler or heater). In older houses you may also find "gasverwarming" units (gas heaters). And in some parts of the country you may also have "stadsverwarming" (district heating).

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  1. General Request: It would be great if you could include both the DWTD and the translation in the RSS box. My other language sites do that & it’s really helpful. It allows me to reinforce the word and translation at a glance–every time I go to the RSS page (which is my home page)! Brilliant.
    Love the site & read it every day. This would be a very useful thing to add! Hartelijk bedankt! 🙂

  2. Hi Willa
    Do you have an example of one of your other language sites?
    Right now it seems that we would have to change the title of our post to include the translation in order to meet your request.

  3. Maybe another important word to put in the related words is kachel (= stove or heater). People seem to use this word a lot more often than the proper words ‘radiator’ or ‘heating’. E.g. “Staat de kachel aan?” This can refer variously to mean radiator, electric heater, central heating or stove.

  4. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for this addition, you are very right that ‘kachel’ is a popular word. Infamous is the ‘gaskachel’ that you may find in older houses.

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