to demand, to require, to claim Iconspeaker_3
[verb] Eisen
[ei-sen, eis-te, h. ge-ëist]

"Eisen" is a regular verb, but note that an ë appears in the past participle to avoid ambiguity in pronunciation. Related noun is "eis" (plural: "eisen"): demand, requirement, claim.

For the record…"eisen" has nothing to do with "ei" 🙂

– "Het parlement heeft het vertrek van de minister geëist." 
("The parliament has demanded the minister's exit.")

– "Kom op zeg, wat je nu van me eist is echt belachelijk!" 
("Come on, your demands are really ridiculous!" Lit.: ",,,what you demand of me now…")

– "Ik eis dat ik nu word geholpen, dit is toch een ziekenhuis??" 
("I demand to be helped right now, this is a hospital, right??")

– "Op zijn/haar strepen staan": to pull rank. Lit.: to stand on one's stripes.

Related words:
– Eis: demand, claim, request, requirement [noun] [de eis, de eisen].
– Voorwaarde: condition, requisite [noun] [de voorwaarde, de voorwaarden/voorwaardes].