exposed butt crack of a construction worker [noun] [het bouw-vak-kers-de-col-le-té, de bouw-vak-kers-de-col-le-tés] Iconspeaker_3

“Bouwvakkersdecolleté” is composed of “bouwvakker” and “decolleté”, which respectively translate to “construction worker” and “cleavage” 🙂 It is an informal term for an exposed butt crack, not necessarily of a construction worker, but any person – usually male though – whose butt crack is showing when their pants are too low…

Because “bouwvakkersdecolleté” not only applies for just construction workers, this may be omitted in the translation: so merely “exposed butt crack”, or “butt crack that’s showing” will do.


– “Een bouwvakkersdecolleté is onfatsoenlijk!” 
(“An exposed butt crack is indecent!”)

– “Toen Frank voorover bukte, had hij een bouwvakkersdecolleté…”
(“When Frank leaned forward, his butt crack was showing…”)

– “Dat meisje heeft een bouwvakkersdecolleté, en ook nog een aarsgewei! Schandalig!” – “Vind je? Ik vind dat juist erg sexy.”
(“That girl’s butt crack is showing, and she has an ass cap too! Outrageous!” – “You think so? I think that’s actually quite sexy.”)

Related words:
– Bilnaad: butt crack [noun] [de bilnaad, de bilnaden].
Blotebillengezicht: pudding face [noun] [het blotebillengezicht, de blotebillengezichten].
Billenknijper: bottom squeezer [noun] [de billenknijper, de billenknijpers].
Bil: buttock [noun] [de bil, de billen].

– “De baby zat met zijn blote billetjes in het zand.”
(“The baby sat with his bare (little) buttocks/bottom in the sand.”)

11 thoughts on “Bouwvakkersdecolleté

  1. This one is hilarious!! My Dutch husband is a little concerned about what I’m learning on here! Mostly because I can torment him with my new-found words! Thank you very very much for this one!! 🙂 🙂

  2. I wish I knew this word a month ago in Rotterdam. This guy had serious bouwvakkersdecolleté playing pool at a Breakaway Cafe. If only I knew what to blurt out to the Dutch kids I was hanging out with.

  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to say thanks for the site, it’s often quite interesting. Keep up the good work.
    A couple of comments on this entry. I’ve heard “builder’s bum” being used for Bouwvakkersdecolleté on some occasions and I would call a billenknijper a bottom pincher.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Yup, ‘bilspleet’ is synonymous to ‘bilnaad’ and a very good alternative 😀 (mind that ‘bilspleet’ would be the more decent version of the two, for some reason.)

  5. Hi, the sound file for this word isn’t working. I would hate to mispronounce it! Thanks.

  6. This is one of the best words I have ever learnt in any language 🙂 By the way, thanks a lot for making DWOTD, I find it very interesting and read it every day!

  7. Mooi woord! De meeste broeken zijn een gevaar voor de vrouwen. De fabrikanten zullen ons moeten waarschuwen. Gevaar voor bouwvakkerdecolleté.

  8. In fact this is a literal translation of the commonly used (in SE England at least) English expression “Builders Cleavage”.

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