inguinal hernia/rupture Click to listen
[de lies-breuk, de lies-breu-ken]

"Liesbreuk" is composed of "lies" and "breuk", which respectively translate to "groin" and "rupture/breach". It is a protrusion of abdominal-cavity contents through the inguinal canal. (see Wikipedia for more info)

Currently, Marc has a "liesbreuk", in its early stage, that is, because his intestines are not hanging out just yet, like in the picture… 🙂

– "Ik heb een liesbreuk…" – "Wat?? Ongelofelijk!" 
("I have an inguinal hernia…" – "What?? Unbelievable!")

– "Ik wordt volgende week geopereerd voor mijn liesbreuk." – "Gelukkig heb je geen schaamluis ;-)" 
("I'm having a surgery for my inguinal hernia next week. " – "Luckily you don't have crabs ;-)")

– "Een liesbreukoperatie is zo gepiept, ongeveer 20 minuten." 
("An inguinal hernia operation won't take long, about 20 minutes.")

– "Onder het mes gaan/moeten": (lit.: (to have) to go under the knife) to go into surgery / to need a surgery.

Related words:
– Breuk: breach, rupture, fracture [noun] [de breuk, de breuken].

– "Na de breuk met zijn vrouw, kreeg Frank weinig steun van zijn vrienden."
("After separating his wife, Frank got little support from his friends." Lit.: "After the breach with his wife…")

– Ingreep: (small) operation [noun] [de ingreep. de ingrepen].
– Lies: groin [noun] [de lies, de liezen].