Graag gedaan

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Graag gedaan
[Dutch phrase of the week]
[graag ge-daan]

“Graag gedaan” is composed of “graag” en “gedaan”, which respectively translate to “gladly” and “done”: gladly done. This phrase is used to reply to a to a “Dankjewel / dankuwel” (thank you). A common English translation for “graag gedaan” would be “you’re welcome“.

– “Dankjewel voor je steun.” – “Graag gedaan.” 
(“Thank you for your support.” – “You’re welcome.”)

– “Heb jij ons prieeltje geverfd? Erg mooi!” – “Graag gedaan, schat.” 
(“Did you paint our gazebo? Really beautiful!” – “You’re welcome, dear.”)

– “Bedankt voor je snelle antwoord.” – “Graag gedaan.” 
(“Thanks for your quick reply. ” – “You’re welcome.”)

– “Geen dank”: no need to thank me, you’re welcome, don’t mention it. Lit.: no thanks (needed).

– “Mag ik je auto vandaag lenen?” – “Vanzelfsprekend.” – “Super, dankjewel!” – “Geen dank.”
(“Can I borrow your car today?” – “Naturally.” – “Great, thanks!” – “Don’t mention it.”)

Related words:
– Doen: to do [verb] [doen, deed, h. gedaan].
Graag: please, gladly, with pleasure, eager, willingly [adverb].

– “Kan ik uw bestelling opnemen?” – “Ja, twee fluitjes graag.”
(“Can I
take your order?” – “Yes, two beers please.”)

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